How to utilize Facebook Targeting Options to reach out to 100% perfect audiences?

Social media marketing

Are you a business marketer and create tens of Facebook ads each month? You are overwhelmed in creating business ad visuals and messages spending hours in it. When setting up a Facebook audience, you can mitigate the targeting criteria as a starting point for any advertising strategy.

Let’s examine the Facebook narrowing option to build a well-targeted audience.

  1. Demographics
  2. Interest
  3. Behavior
  4. Facebook categories

These detailed targeting layers are highly relevant in pinpointing specific ad groups, more clicks rate, higher engagement with more likes and shares, and reach the right audience at an affordable platform.

Let’s start with Facebook Behavioural Targeting to create a better audience.

  • Target by Digital Activities

For instance, you can target users based on specific categories of activities they have served online and the devices they used like internet browser used, operating system used, photo uploaders, FB page admins, event creators who organize both corporate and personal events, users who utilize FB payments to spend online, small business domain and many more.

  • Target by Seasonal Events

If you have promoted any sort of event on your FB pages such as sports events and holidays, you can have a seasonal offer to go for it. You can even target people who have visited the event page, responded to the interest, engaged with the tickets, and so on to promote your brand. This makes previous attendees aware of another recurring event. Various events like Summer Games, Olympics, etc target smart and young audiences to catch your attention.

  • Target by Travel

This is a fruitful approach and one of the most stimulating groups for the perfect audience. You can reach to frequent travelers, business travelers, commuters to entertain with Podcasts/books, etc. They might be interested in spending time with your ad.

  • Target by Purchase Behaviour

This is an ideal ton to reach the purchase behavioral audience. Shopping audience allows retargeting anyone who interests with your FB shop. You can target the audience who viewed products, added products to your cart, or purchased if any. This could be a gold mine option for users to interact and swipe through creativity.

Critique through audience options that are more relevant to your brand and embark targeting. Be an awesome marketer who knows the buyers the best